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I use Duncan Hines cake mix to do all my cakes.  If I bake a 1/4 sheet cake to a round cake they come out perfect but I notice when I use the same cake mix to make cupcakes when I take them out of the oven they fall.  I sometimes use a tsp of meringue powder to try and keep them up and it does appear to work but is there another solution?

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Are you leaving the cupcakes in long enough?
I make cupcakes all the time and i always use bettycroker or pillsbury brand . work every time
just follow the directions on the back
I only use dunkin hines super moist for both, a suggestion i have gotten is to preheat your oven to 400, then turn it down to directed temp when you put them in the oven, and they round out nicely, i also fill my cups almost all the way to the top. for cakes i will sometimes put in an extra egg, french vanilla is so good sometimes hard to fine,
I bake them for 25 - 30 mins at 350. I have notice that pillsbury and betty crocker do give you better cupcakes but can't top the duncan hines cake mix (its the best)!

Diana Viera said:
Are you leaving the cupcakes in long enough?
You are funny Christina... I was just going to say the same about Betty Crocker... Betty and I have been buds for many years! I always bake mine at 350 for 16 minutes and never have a problem...

Are you adding pudding to your mix? Sometimes that will cause the batter to not cook in the center I have found.
Okay well I decided to do some testing, so I used the Betty Crocker and got nice fluffy beautiful cupcakes. 25 mins at 350 perfect. But then last night a customer asked if she could bake a cake and I decorate for her. She used good old Betty to bake a 13 x 9 cake and it did what it always does which is why I don't like to use it, crack, crack, crack. SO I have figured it out this way. I will continue to use Duncan Hines for my sheet cakes and round cakes but use Betty for Cupcakes. Thanks everyone for your input.
I really think climate has a lot to do with it all too... altitude too. Glad you found a solution!
i remember as a kid they alway's had a nice top, i only use duncan hines super moist, someone gave me info that works for me. while making your mix turn your oven up to 400, when you put them in turn it down to 350, it only take about 17 minutes but watch them, they come out really nice, one thing i've noticed is dunkin hines chocolate any of the chocolates are dry, so i add an extra egg. some times i add an extra egg to the regular mixes also and they come out really good also, but if i don't they are really moist. has anyone tried the french vanilla it is super good, but sometimes hard to fine.
Hello, What are the size of your eggs? and are you mixing to long and what is temp in your oven and what kind of pans are useing. First your eggs should be only jumbo and if not the box said to use 3 put in one more. Secound keep and eye on long you are mixing,Third your temp in your oven should be 350 and don't open your oven to much when you open your oven to much it cool down your oven you don't want that.Last try using other pans and see what happen something like that happen to me and it was the pan. I hope that I help you.
I only use Jumbo eggs for all my cakes. I also take my eggs out and let them come to room temperature before I use them. The aluminum pans dark in color is what I use. Obviously the problem can't be over mixing because I mix the batter the same way for my other cakes and they always come out perfect. The temp is always set at 350 and I don't have to open the oven because I have a light and besides I use a timer so when it rings I know it is time to check and pull them out. Thanks I kinda think it might be the pan too. I will try the little cheap tins from the supermarket and see what happens.

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