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Good morning everyone,

So I have cupcakes to deliver for a client today, and I woke up this morning and saw that some of the regular size cupcake wrappers unstuck from the cupcake!!!  I have no idea what caused this to happen.  About 10 of them this happened to.  Any ideas why this might be and what causes this?  Is there a quick fix for this??

I cannot rebake now as I do not have time, but I hate to give my customer such cupcakes.  I was thinking of just not charging her for the ones that look damaged.

Any thoughts??

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Hello. Today in another discussion room I saw a rather neat solution to this problem. If this should happen to you just bake the cupcakes in those inexpnsive white wrappers and transfer them to prettier wrappers before decorating and transporting. Hope this helps. I am sure going to use this idea in the future.

When making cupcakes for a shower does one use the same flavour for all of them or make different kinds and offer  a variety of flavours?

Carol, I've heard of people doing that with the decorative wrappers also.  I'd have to try it personally.  When doing shower cupcakes I usually do a few different flavors, but I suppose that would depend on the size of the shower also.  If it's an intimate event with 20 people, I would probably just do one flavor.

I don't know how many guests will be at the shower. As far as I know this is the only shower being given so i imagine that there will be a fair number of people there. i know that I am not the only person being asked to "do" cupcakes. But as this is for my grandson I certainly want my presentation to be special.

I've now read in two different forums about baking in one type of liner, removing that liner and putting the cupcake in a prettier one. My question is, does the wrapper stick out on the sides?  I mean, when you bake a cupcake in a wrapper it sort of "seals" to the sides of the cupcake and hugs it.  If you take it out of that liner and put it in a different one, does it look funny?  Sort of like when the wrapper pulls away from the cupcake?

There's a cupcake shop here that doesn't bake in wrappers and just sits the cuppies in a spreadout wrapper. No attempt to stick it to the sides. I'he only been there once and the cupcakes were stale from not being sealed to the wrapper.

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