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I am just starting home-based cupcake business. I understand beginnings are hard and competition is big enough for small county where I live, but I was really surprised because...we had festival in our city, I was selling  for first time my cupcakes in one store. There was this other lady doing same thing. This was not my idea, I was invited to do so.

To make long story short...I love to try different cupcakes from different places. So I went to other store to buy me some because I did not have a chance to do it before. She knew who I was. She asked me if I am selling cupcakes in other store. I was nice to her, I did not say anything ugly  and was customer just like any other. I bought some of her cupcakes while I was experiencing their hateful looks  between cupcake lady and store owner. Then I heard comment " I guess one is not enough (cupcake)." When I left, I felt really disappointed over their reaction. Is there any secret rule which means that  when I bake cupcakes, I cannot buy from others? I would never treat her that way. But that is just me.

I am looking a way how to get over it. It was very naive to think we would have something in common because we share same passion for cupcakes.

What would you do?

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I would say, just forget about her.  You extended a hand of friendship, she bit it off.  There is nothing wrong with "friendly" competiton.  Obviously, this shop owner feels threatened. When you bought one of her cupcakes, she probably thought you were trying to "steal" her recipe & ideas.  Personally, there as many flavors and styles of cupcakes as you can imagine. I am one to share a recipe or technique.  Many won't. They guard them with their life.   Whatever.  Just move on and let it go.  There is no "Secret Rule", that was just her.  What she she should have done is to welcome you and wished you good luck.  AND perhaps even given you some pointers.

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