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Can anyone help me with cupcake pans? I have recently started selling my cupcakes at a local bakery. I have the mini and texas cupcakes figured out beautifully. When I took my standard size cupcakes to the shop the owner said they are smaller than what they usually get. I have the standard size muffin pan by Wilton. I bought a professional pan from the restaurant supply and it was not right either. I have looked online at several different sizes but it seems the size pans don't always seem to line up with the size the liners come in. Am I missing something?  Can anyone tell me where to get "professional" size cupcake pans and liners to fit them?


Thanks so much for the help.

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have you got any answers? cause i am completely fustrated with this, i have the wilton pans but even the wilton liners dont fit well in them! urghhhh

Kim, is it possible that your liners are too spread out at the top? I sometimes have this problem.


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