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This idea (if you don't already know), might help those that don't need professional packing inserts for cupcakes or the expense. I use the back of my muffin pan as a mold. Place a small piece of foil over the back & push down over the "cups". Remove foil from pan , flip over and place molded foil in your box. Now you have small cups to place your cc's in. It helps keep them from sliding around in the box.

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I must confess Betty, I have never heard of this idea. Pretty darn smart!! :o)

Now that, Betty, is a darn smart idea!

Love it!!!! thank you...

Well, how cool is that! Brilliant idea.  Thanks for sharing!

For anyone that needs a visual of the technique, check out the step by step tutorial at:

Click on the picture then the explanation is below.  HTH

Thanks for posting the visual. Much better than my explanation, I didn't know this was "out there"on the web.

It's amazing what's "out there"  on the web Betty......   :o )

good idea!  I usually use the box tops from paper boxes if I have a huge order to deliver.  I have the carriers that hold 36 cupcakes in each one so I use them mostly but I might have to give this a try next time I have a big order!  Thanks for sharing!

So smart yet so obvious! That is awesome. Never would have come up with it myself, but I will use it.
For a step by step tutorial you can check it out at

thank you so much, I will use that and what a fantastic idea

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