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Hi, does anyone have a recipe for cupcake buttercream topping that is not exceptionally sickly sweet or contains cream cheese or shortening?  Thank you.

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Joanna, you aren't asking for much are you? :-)  This is a question we see often.  Check out the recipe section for buttercream recipes.  I'm sure you'll find something to experiment with there.


BTW, you can substitute butter instead of shortening in most any buttercream recipe.  The down side is that it will be more susceptible to heat. 


Try Italian meringue buttercream.  Takes a little more effort to make but well worth the effort.  I know there's a recipe in the recipes section and there's also a video on how  make it in the video section.
Thanks for your help.  The reason I can't use cream cheese is that I'm allergic to cheese hence trying to find recipes without it.  Will look into the meringue option.  Have a great day.
I love ganache on cupcakes but that does involve cream.... hope you find something that works for you!

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