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HI, I'm looking for a good crusting chocolate buttercream recipe. Anyone have one they would like to share? I'm just not happy with the one I'm using.

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This is Serious Cakes' recipe for crusting chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Buttercream (crusting)


22 tbs. salted butter (it’s almost 3 sticks)

2/3 c. Crisco shortening

5-8 tbs half and half or light cream

2 tsp vanilla extract

6 oz. unsweetened chocolate that’s been melted and cooled to room temp.

2 lbs powdered sugar (about 8 cups)1-3 tbs corn syrup


Melt the chocolate first using either the microwave or like I do: I put my chocolate in a glass measuring cup, place that in a pot with water in it (making sure the water isn’t so deep it flows into the measuring cup) and heat on the stove over medium, stirring occasionally until fully melted. Allow to cool to room temp.

Once the chocolate is cooled, cream together butter and shortening until smooth. Slowly add 2 tsp. vanilla and 5 tbs. of cream, then add the chocolate. Gradually add the powdered sugar and scrape down the bowl very well once it’s all added. Slowly add more cream and corn syrup a tbs at a time until frosting reaches desired consistency (you may not need a lot, depending on how hot your kitchen is and how humid it is outside).
Thanks Kathy, I'll have to try that recipe next time.
You will love it! :)
What do you mean by crusting?
I have always put meringue powder in my icing to get it crust...but a lot of recipes I come across doesn't include it. So I'm wondering if its really needed.

Crusting is where the icing firms and is not sticky to the that you can smooth it out easier...I use the viva paper towel method.
Leigh Keller said:
What do you mean by crusting?
Crusting is caused by the ratio of sugar to fat.....meringue powder has nothing to do with it.

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