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ok i know there are a ton of us out there doing the cottage law think. My question is do any of you do events like farmers markets or art shows as a food vendor? I do and i have to be careful about what i can sell. I have a ton of request for red velvet cupcakes and smores cupcakes etc. all dairy based frostings. anyone have any recipe for a non dairt cream cheese frosting? i cant seem to find anything.

here is a list of Potentially hazardous food in my state which is AZ

thanks in advance. it really seems like they just try to make things hard for us but then again they have to cover their butts too.

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I have heard of decorators using a hi-ratio buttercream flavoured with cheesecake flavouring ..

looks like that is what ill have to do when i do the festivals. :( i hate to alter my recipes.

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