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 please help with ideas on how to make cookie monster sitting all in cake....

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That should be a fun one... I'd basically make a cone shape... 10" 10", 8" 8", 6" 6", all tiered like normal, then shape it into a cone with blue icing, and make his body shape on top of that, use cup cakes to make legs sticking out the front, and for the arms,I'd do them like crossed over his belly, and I'd make his head out of two 6" cakes filled and turned sideways, then cover the whole thing in blue fur using a grass tip.

hi JJ thanks for the reply

i need to make a medium size cake and how do i keep the head on without falling?

will the weight not break the bottom cake?

will a teddy bear pan work?

Oh, are you making a flat cake? yeah a teddy bear pan is probably a good place to start.

I'd keep the head on with a dowel, and butter cream, and when I tiered the cakes I would support them with dowels just like a wedding cake.
I made a cookie monster.  You can find him in my photos.  His head, arms and legs are RKT.  He does have a PVC in the center as support.  If I remember correctly I used 4 8" rounds for the body and just carved him.

This picture may help you.  I followed it when I did my Elmo cake.  Hope it helps!!

thank you all for the help, JJ i need to make him sitting up like Lisa's one.

im just worried about shaping the head round, will it hold? or break on the sides.


I ALWAYS cover my RKT with melted chocolate to hold together.  Just take a board, you can even use a dowel, drill the hole in the board, use the dowel as support for the body.  Take the RKT and insert skwers in the bottom and leave them long, if you are worried about support.  This will allow the head to be supported two ways and will be plenty to hold it up.  The head would rest on the top of the cakes so it will be fine without any other supports but to be on the safe side, insert them.  That is how I would do it if it were my project.  Hope this helps.  Every decorator has their own way/process for cake construction so others may have better supports than mine. 


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