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Hello!  I'm just beginning to really delve into the world of fondant covered cakes, and for the smaller ones I've been using Wilton's rings on my rolling pin that control the thickness of my fondant... What do you do when the piece of fondant you're rolling out needs to be a larger size than the length of your rolling pin?  You can't leave the rings on, because they cut into your fondant, and without them... I'm rolling thin spots by using uneven pressure.  Would love to know tricks, ideas, or suggestions!  Thanks so much!


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Holly, I think that rolling pin you are referring to is a really small one, better saved for rolling out fondant or gum paste to cut out decorations. You need to use a large rolling pin when rolling out fondant to cover a cake, allowing you to apply pressure more evenly to a large area at a time.

Holly great question and one that I struggle with as well!!  When using a large rolling pin with the rings and the fondant size has to be bigger, it does dig into the fondant.

I would also love to know how to overcome this so that the fondant is rolled evenly....

The rolling pin I have is about two feet in length, but the rings take a good inch or two off of each side.  Off to the websites I go to see how much bigger rolling pins are being offered... wowzers - I don't know where I'll store the thing if they get much bigger than that!  :O)

There are 2 things you can do Holly.

1. buy a good heavy rolling pin, perferably marble. Thye are expensive.....BUT...they last forever. Search the net & shop around.

2. roll fondant between plastic.  I have "The Mat" and it is fabulous, but it was expensive. You can buy food grade plastic at WalMart for 1/2 price I paid for the Mat. When rolled between plastic it is SOooo easy and rolls very thin.

Hope this helps    :o)

Thanks June!  Looking into the marble roller today!  My birthday is tomorrow and a perfect excuse!  I have the Mat, but after using it five or so times, I still don't have the hang of it.  It's BIG and bulky, and I don't feel like I control it, it controls me!  I'm stubborn, though - so I'll probably keep at it.  :O)

YesI know what you mean about the Mat. I have a space in my basement where I do all my decorating. I have a old Ikea Island that I use. But the Mat is WAY too big to fit on it or turn around. It certainly has it's benefits, but a good sturdy heavy rolling pin will achieve the same thing. They are worth there weight in gold.  :o)

I also have the MAT, i love it.  I'm so glad i bought it - works wonders when you are trying to cover a big cake. 

I just wish it had marks to identify which side is the inside!! or even the sizing chart on it!!! that would be super useful instead of always pulling my measuring tape out!! hehe


I agree Meera. But one  thing that is annoying about the Mat is keeping it clean. After you wipe it and dry with a lint free t towel, trying to roll it up and put away without any dust, lint or foreign matter getting on it is a pain. GRrrrr.

But it does make rolling out very large pieces thin very easy.     :o)

The way to roll out a large sheet of fondant of an overall thickness, is to  use two pieces of wood similar to a ruler of the thickness you require and place the fondant in between them and they will only allow you to roll the fondant to that thickness.

Regarding the mat.  After  use hang without rolling on a skirt hanger in your wardrobe together with a piece of sheeting.  that will keep it clean.  I have to fold it in half but the fold is only a bend and the sheeting keeps it from folding more.   Cheers Trottie

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site and cake decorating. Just reading the forum I've pick up so many tips, thank you ladies for passing on your experience.

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