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CakesWeBake wants to congratulate the winners in the Graduation Cake Contest.

1st PL - LFalcon

2nd Pl - Pam Carlisle

There were so many amazing cakes entered...Kudos to all of you....can't wait for the next one.

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for some reason i thought there was going to be 6 winners a 1st place and other 5 my bad, Major Congrads to the winners , Awesoem Awesome Job , So well hear more news about the next contest Monday ?
Congrats, LFalcon and Pam!!! Your cakes are awesome!
Those are FABULOUS!!! Congrats!
Congrats to both winners....great cakes, what wonderful work.
Thank you everyone! I was surprised and happy to see my cake won 2nd place. There were so many wonderful and creative cakes to choose from. My client was in tears when she came to pick it up that morning. Her youngest daughter was graduating and leaving her nest. She gave me free reign with designing her cake. The chest on top is a replica of her daughter's keepsake chest, the book is her college orientation book and the lugguge on the bottom denotes her going away to college. I thank God for His talent and the opportunity to minister to those He sends my way. Pam
Beautiful work!
Congratulations! Fantastic work. Enjoy the terrific prizes too.
Congratulations LFalcon and Pam! Truly deserving winners with these cakes! Absolutley amazing!
Congratulations to both winners! Your cakes look amazing!
Congrats both! Nice work!
You see, after all the fuss, truly winning cakes won after all. What does that tell you about karma?
LFalcon has not been back on this site since she entered her cake in the contest. I don't know if she even knows she won. I have written to her twice. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, please let her know. I couldn't find her on Facebook either. Thanks!

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