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Coloring Batter - is this just as simple as it sounds??

Hey ladies...


So i'd like to color cake batter, and i'm thinking it is as simple as just adding few drops of food coloring?


Will it alter taste, texture or baking of the cake in any way??


Any thoughts...


Thank you!!

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Light colors will not alter the taste. Be careful with darker, more intense colors - especially red and black. But who wants to eat a black cake?
Thanks a lot Deah....:)
Hi Meera - another tip is to be sure and start with a white cake batter - that way your colors will be more "true" than starting with a yellow or vanilla batter.
I use Wilton gel colors for my batter, never had a problem :D
Hi ladies,

I tried coloring the batter this weekend and it worked great...thanks for the tips :)

I used unsweetened Kool-aid to tint and flavor a cake for my niece.  She wanted a grape cake (yuck).  It wasn't too bad for a grape cake I guess, and it was a pretty shade of lavender inside.  I might try this with another, more suited to cake, flavor to see how it works.  Maybe raspberry or pink lemonade would taste better.  ;-)


I have also used red and green (Americolor gel) to tint a white cake for Christmas.  Then I used the zebra striping technique to layer them together.  It was pretty and no adverse taste.

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