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This is a call to all Colorado residents who would like to fight for a Cottage Food Law! I am in the begining stages of creating this movement in Colorado! 27 States have it and it is time for Colorado to get on board! I am tired of paying an Incubator Kitchen all of my profit, and I don't want a store front. I have 2 small children that need me and I want to be able to watch them and help the family income with my talent of caking! I have stated and a petition at

I will be meeting with legislators next month to bring this to their attention. Letters have been sent to state representatives and more are in the works!

It is crazy that in Colorado you can buy a taco from a truck, meat from a van, and even marijuana. You can bake cupcakes and goodies from your home and sell them in a bake sale or a bazaar, so what is the difference! Help me get things moving in Colorado, join the facebook page, sign the petition, and share with your friends! This is going to be a long road and I know there are hundreds of people that want to see this happen, so make your voice heard!

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