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Hi everyone, hooe your all ok.

yesterday I made a Devils choc cake using the recipe Katy gave me :-) Its been brilliant. However, I now seem to have a problem. Ive made this so many time but yesterdays was a disaster !!! It sunk. Ive never had this before? I always do the same everytime but this time it went wrong ? The only thing I did different was use different cocoa powder. I usualy use bournville but I used Cadbury s this time .

Could that be the problem ?


Thank you for any help



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Ah, if you can't get the base off, try holding over the flame on your hob to warm it through.  It may melt the underside just sufficiently for it to slide off, or loosen it enough to get a wide palette knife underneath it.

Ahhh ! Never thought of that !!! I will remember that, thank you.

 Well ive just dropped them all off. Im still shaking lol I gave the cupcakes for free as a good gesture as it s a new contact. I will still be having sleepless nights over if they are ok !

They put in another order for the same next week !!! And also  coffee and walnut cake & carrot. So im going to need to get recipes for them now ! Ive not done either of them before.

Im doing all of them in a 8" tin at the moment. I would like to do bigger but larger tins are so expensive & I would have to charge more too.

Thank you again

lis x

Secret tip Lisa.  Use a Betty Crocker Carrot Cake box mix.  It is delicious, really light and spicey.  I used it for Daisy's Shoe cake last week and it was a real hit (didn't let on it was a mix lol!).  

If you don't want to do that, I do have a good carrot cake recipe that I have also used.  It's a firmer cake and stands up well to fondant and stacking.  Let me know if you need it.

OOhh ! yes please!!, just in case I cant get the betty Crocker mix. Thank you. The asked me to provide the cover for the cakes?? The clear plastic ones ? I don't know where id get the at a reasonable price ? Ive looked don ebay and theres some there 10" round plastic domed container & lids 20 For £18.34 plus £6.29 p&p ? I don't know if this is reasonable price for them. They do come with a black base.  I cant work out the height of them though. Its more expense for me.


Thanks again Katy


I've never bought the cake domes, so not sure what is reasonable, although the price you have seems pretty good to me.  I found this site, that works out very slightly cheaper -

or do you have one of those Bargain Store type shops near you?  We have  large one that sells all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.  If you do, might be worth checking them out to see if they stock them.

Carrot cake - I've scanned the page from my book (gives you lots of different size quantities which is useful).  Hope you can read it OK.  If not message me with your email address and I'll send it as an attachment.

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