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Does anyone know where I can find clear flavored extracts? I have almond, lemon and vanilla which are clear, but I've checked my craft store and grocery store but can't seem to find any other clear extracts. Does anyone know where I can possibly find some? 

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Don't know about where you are Jackie, but I have an almond extract which is made by Dr. Oetker, I think.  Great flavour.

I'm really looking for berry flavors, raspberry, blackberry etc. I have a feeling I'm not going to find what I am looking for though.

Have you tried Pandan Flavor?It tastes very good. I'm not sure if that is available where you are. It's made by McCormick.

I looked a long time ago Jackie. But I never kept my list. Many were online in USA & shipping was too $$$.I have a couple of places here in Canada..... is one I use.If you google online flavourings/extracts a plethora of sites will come up. You will have to check several out. Clear flavourings/extracts are hard to find, especially the fruity flavours like raspberry, strawberry etc. Check out who carries LorAnn oils. They have quite a few clear flavours. Wish I had saved my "research" list!!!

Jackie, you can find several loran oils most of which are clear at  or

you might also try Amazon. I purchase supplies from them often and take advantage of the free shipping. good luck!


The loran oils are clear?! OMG I'm thrilled to find that out. 

Not ALL clear Jackie. But many are... :o)

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