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It's been a few years since I've done it, but I'm planning to this year...

I have a bunch of favorite cookie recipes I make right at the beginning of December. I freeze the dough, wrap it up good, then begin the baking a few days before Christmas. I go nuts and do fudge and chocolate covered candies, too. My dining room table then gets covered with thousands, and I do mean thousands of cookies, and I make platters for people and give them out.

Most of the cookies aren't decorated in the "cake decorating" sense, but I thought it might be fun to exchange our favorite cookie recipes for the season. So, as I select what I'm making this year, I'll post the recipes. 

Just wanted to see if anyone else was interested in sharing their favorites.

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THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!!  Count my in................  I have tons of cookie recipes that I have acquired from a cookie exchange that my sister-in-law & neice have had every year for the last 10 years!!!   Please make sure to post how to get in on this recipe exchange............   :-)


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