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I am in need of a really good Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe.  I generally use a box mix for my cakes, but really want to branch out and start making them from scratch.  I have to make a Groom's cake at the beginning of September and would like to do a chocolate sponge with a chocolate mouse filling on one layer and a nice whipped cream filling in the other. 

Does anyone have a recipe I could use?  Also, I recently purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer.  If you have a recipe, could you please be specific about speed settings and attachments.  I still get a bit confused.  Thanks.

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I agree with Jessie. The Hersey chocolate cake receipt is great and so easy to make. I usually double the receipt.

So, I finally finished my Deadliest Catch cake I was requesting the recipe for.  Thanks for all the insight.  I have posted pics of the cake.  I would love some feedback.  Thanks.

Hi here is my recipe my grandmother used it and her mother. 1,5 cups boiling water, 2 cups self raising flower, 4 tablespoons cacao, 1,5 cups of castor sugar, 8 table spoons cooking oil, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 4 large eggs and a pinch of salt .


Mix eggs,sugar until creamy add the self raising flower mix well then add the the oil. Mix cacao and boiling water until there is no more lumps pour into dough mixture add the salt and vanilla.


Bake for 45 to 50 minutes in oven pre heated at 180 degrees.

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