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Hi everyone,


I have a customer requesting chocolate i dont know if it is cake or filling.  But i have never done either.


I'm thinking if i make chocolate BC, i can just add peppermint flavor drops into it, and should be good?


Not  sure about the cake...?

Any advice? Thank you!!

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Mint works very nicely in buttercream and you can also add it to your chocolate cake batter to make a really yummy chocolate mint cake.    Another option would be to make ganache and put a few drops of mint in it... mint ganache is really good!
I made chocolate bc and added mint chocolate flavor

hi Meera

i usually make a chocolate sponge cake and add mint extract to the buttercream together with a few drops of green colouring and if you can get it in Canada try adding a chopped up mint chocolate aero bar its sooooo yummy.

Thank you all for your input.  I did make the chocolate peppermint BC filling by just adding drops of the peppermint flavor!

It was a hit!!! :) Thank you....

Great!  And you are right... a few drops is all it takes with mint!

i need to make a mint aero cake, but haven't come across too many cake recipes with mint aero bar before and i just wasnt sure if i would affect the cake batter? i found a nice choc fudge cake and i was either going to add in mint aero bar or shall i just add in the peppermint and then add the mint aero bar into the buttercream?

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