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I would like to create my first fondant figure for my son's first birthday. I am making a monkey holding a number one. My question is, can I add anything to pre-made chocolate fondant to create a lighter brown color. Thanks in advance!



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Hiya Chrissie,
You could use fondant or gumpaste. I tend to use gumpaste because it will harden better.
Good luck with the monkey - sounds cute :)

Awesome! Thanks Violet! I wanted to make it from scratch, but I have been having migraines... yuck! That plus a very busy infant equals cutting corners :(

Oh my Chrissie
I sat up & took notice when you said migraines.
1. I add pure gumpaste to my fondant, either chocolate or white/ivory. As 60/40. 60% gumpaste, 40% fondant. Ck out my quick gumpaste recipe here on the blog on my page. Quick to make, dries hard as rock. Really helps fondant get hard, especially chocolate, which tends to be on the softer side.
2. On another note Chrissie, I suffered years & years with migraines. I am 61, so don't have the same "hormone" interference I am sure your body is having. BUT my daughter suffers.... passed on :0(. We both started taking extra magnesium. It was like a miracle. Went from 2 headaches a week, to zero/1 a month. It should be magnesium that absorbs well into your system. Got mine at a health food store.
Hope these tips help. :0)

Okay ladies. I have uploaded my images & the monkey turned out great! I didn't use chocolate fondant. I tinted white fondant. It was much more economical. The pictures are on my page. let me know what you think. Thanks for all your help!!!

June ~ I had been taking magnesium, but not enough. Now that I have been on my preventative for almost 2 weeks, I am starting to feel a lot better. I just have to take it a day at a time :)

Glad u are better Chrissie. I suffered terribly with migraines. Days in bed, lost work, throwing up, temporary blindness... Yup, only another sufferer can understand. Partly the reason I took early retirement a year ago.

Migraines are hard on their own, but I was so worried when I knew I would have a toddler too! Oh well, we will see how the Topamax works :)

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