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I am looking for a really good chocolate brownie cake recipe that will cater for a wedding cake - so in other words quite large quantities.  I have tried one or two from the 'net and although very rich and moist, they are quite small cakes and I am always hesitant to just double or triple ingredients. 

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Hi Mandy, I found this recipe but its for an 8inch cake tin.

Would a brownie recipe work for a wedding cake?

Well, our famous Charley's Cake Angels in Cape Town make a chocolate brownie cake, they use it for weddings, topsy turvy's the lot!  And - they don't even cut it to fill it, they leave it whole and then just cover outside with ganache and if order requires it they use fondant as well.  They maintain it gets more and more moist the longer it stands - can stand for 10 days plus!  So of course that would be a great sort of recipe to have in one's arsenal :-)  Thanks for the two tips - will give them the once over x mwah

I don't care very much for those people, its all just hype! :) I just meant that the brownie cake seems too soft and it looks like it sinks in the middle? Have a look at the recipe I have on my page, you may like it :) BTW, their cupcakes that people are always raving about are dry and tasteless! See what I mean about hype?

Hi again Neryl - as it happens, I tried the first one out two nights ago and my husband reported it to be very yum - but very rich and not the sort of cake that one could have a whole slice of - the nuts give it a really great flavour.  The second one looks like it could be a goodie - so if I get a chance I will give it a go this weekend and let you know.  Muchas gracias :-)

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