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I found a way to bake cheesecakes without a crack that I want to share. Go to and search Cheesecake Supreme. Click reviews and read Heislords review. He used a 200 degree oven for three hours. I decided to bake all my cheesecakes this way and not follow the recipe for baking. I never got a crack . Trick is low temperature and cool slowly. I let cake cool in oven at least one hour, then at room temp before placing in refrig or freezer still in the pan. Keep in mind all three have contained at least four cream cheese and filled a nine inch pan. He had best advice for cheesecakes ever.

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The Cheesecake Supreme is a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens that dates to the early 70's.  I have been making this recipe for almost 40 years and consider it the best cheesecake ever.  This is real New York style cheesecake.  Instead of the traditional crust, I usually use a vanilla wafer or graham cracker crust. Actually, I have never had this recipe crack, but I do cool it in the oven for an hour or more before removing it to a cooling rack.

Sandra, you can send it to me @  Have never made one, luv to try it sometime.

Happy to Bonnie.  Let me get my old cook book  :o)

I too have been baking my cheesecake like this for years. Although not baked at 200, I do 325 and place a pan of boiling water under the cheesecake in the oven. Then as per recipe, leave in the oven for several hours. Always works like a charm....

Thanks Dianne!  Without this blog, I would not have found out how to make a cheesecake!

You are welcome Bonnie.  I have  made a Tiramisu, a lemon, a  NY  and a cappucino using 200 degrees for 3 hours instead of using  the recipe's baking  temp. and they all came out without a single crack. I was so proud. I never use a water bath. I place a shallow pan filled with hot water on the lower rack.  I have not baked a lot of cheesecakes over the years so I also  discovered they freeze very well. Now I always have a dessert on hand. ( not sure if that is good idea  LOL )

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