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So, here I am midlife...ready to start doing what I love, just not sure the right path...I know most of you on here are not professionals, so my question is to get a degree or not...there is a program at my local college called Baking and Decorative Arts, it is a 1 year program.  There is a waiting list (possible to get in the fall 2014 if I sign up now) but not guarenteed a spot even the mean time, I was wondering what else I could do to get more experience other than just baking for family.  I am thinking of starting with decorating classes at the local supply only downfall is that I must keep working at my current job to keep paying the bills for now, I would love to get a part time job in a bakery, but not sure my current employer would understand, especially since I am wanting out of the industry that I am currently in....any input I would appreciate....thanks

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Hi Sue.  I would definitely recommend the Wilton classes at your local craft store.  I just completed my fourth one and I loved them.  Kind of sad that they are over.  I learned so much in them.  As for a part time, you could always sell out of your home initially, to friends and family.  That is what I have begun to do.  It has been a slow start, but I already have a few potential orders for next month.  I myself have been wondering if I should take the classes offered at the local college, so I wish you luck with making your decision.

Well Sue

I took the courses @ Michael's and didn't enjoy them. Too much info in too short a time. But I am a slow learner. And how they teach here at my Michael's here in Canada could be 100% different from where you are.  I certainly encourage you to take courses, it can only help you improve.   As far as advice, I would ask you before you jump into a certificate course, have you checked to see if there is a market for your cake business in your area?  What kind of income, after expenses, can you make?? Can it be enough to support you... full time, or part time? Do you need a license with your local health/ food inspection agency?  You need to check out what is required in your area for that to see if not only can you comply, can you afford to comply. I do not require a separate kitchen where I live, but the next city over does.... big expense. This is just some of the issues you need to think about Sue before taking the "plunge".  Hope this helps.

Hey June,

Do you know where I can confirm if my city (in Ontario) requires a health/food inspection license?  


Well Mizztry

It will be with your local city hall. You have to phone & see what there requirements are. I found out here that even if you write the persons name & what they told you.... uh uh... no good. One inspector tells one thing, another has a different story. Lady in my cake club said either get it in writing, or initial the notes you took. Of course, you might not have any trouble at all.

Hi Sue! If you are going to take the course in 2014, better learn and attend cake classes while you are waiting. You can search from the internet classes like how to make a stained glass and lace cake (Queen of hearts Couture Cakes), dolls ( Miss Little Marzipan) etc. They have pages in Facebook too, so that you can see the photos. This is not necessarily the one you are going to attend to because they may be away from you. This is just an example of the website. Maybe by that time you don't need to study Baking and Decorative Arts anymore if  your area doesn't require any certificates. Like me, I didn't have any course in Baking. I just attended few days of Basic Baking for free, no Cake Decorating classes. Then I keep on doing cakes on my own, reading books and watching all free online classes and communicate with the Cake Decorators here. In that way, I improve and learn a lot for free.

Start by asking your friends and family to order cakes and cupcakes from you. Then search for a work from home jobs, working for 2 hours a day maybe in your convenient time, so that you can still earn and help you pay your bills. 

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