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This cake was iced in all buttercream of varing colors.  When smoothed it took on a tye dye effect.  The decorations are candy for the candy themed party it was for.  The # 10 on top was made of gumpaste and decorated with discodust.

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Roseann - is this to be entered into the contest?  If so, you have not entered it correctly.  It should be posted as a photo on your page with the tag EAN11 in the tag field and the description in the description box.  I have only just picked this up as you had entered it as a discussion.  Hope you can rectify it in time for close of entries tonight.

So sorry Katy.  I just saw your comment and obviously I am too late :)  But the winners cakes look great.  Congratulations to them!

Ah shame!  Still, you know for next time.

Nice cake.

its awesome.. i really liked it..might be i will order this kind of birthday cake for my cousin , he is going to turn at 10.. thanks 

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