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Hello :-) 

I have a question, my hubby's birthday is tomorrow and his party (joint with out sons 1st) is Sunday.

I want to make a mini version of his actual birthday cake for tomorrow BUT I really don't want to have to make two batches of mirror glaze sooooo I am wondering, can I make the glaze tomorrow and use what I need for tomorrows cake then fridge the remaining glaze and reheat it to use on Sunday?

I can't make assemble the whole cake for Sunday tomorrow as it's a chocolate mousse cake and I don't want to keep it out for that long. I will however be making both caked up to the mousse stage today and freezing both, one to pull out tomorrow and one to pull out on Sunday.

Thanks for reading my post :-) 

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In case anyone else is wondering - the answer is yes you can, I managed to find a website that had follow on instructions after the recipe.

To save the glaze, place it in an airtight container, it should last for a month or more this way apparently.

To reheat it the instructions given were to reheat in a double boiler, stirring gently to ensure even melting and no clumpy bits, I decided to reheat in the microwave though and it worked really well.

I simply heated it up until it was quite hot, stirred once then let it sit until it cooled to working temperature, poured it and wallah - mirror glaze cake done :-) 

Hopefully this helps someone, Cheers.

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