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hi i was woundering if any one know what i could use to put on top of a cake that look like sand i am making a beach or pond themed cake for my dads birthday

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Hi Daina - there are lots of options.  I've used sugar cookies pulsed in a food processor, graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar (although that adds a LOT of sweetness to the slices), and/or a mixture of all of these.  Hope that helps!
I use graham crackers through the food processer and add a little sugar to give it that sandy sparkle. You can also sprinkle pixie dust on top to give it that sparkle that sand has.
hi jeri c thanks for the idea but i dont know what pixie dust is where do i get that i am in canada

dry fonden pass through the sieve with finger tips. or can use samolina, add colouring and dry.

Pixie dust is a very fine glittery powder.  I get it from Global Sugar Arts, & Cakes by Sam

I use turbinado sugar.


I use what Eileen said for the sand.   For water for the pond, I usually add gel paste to my buttercream icing.
Hi I always use the ready to roll fondant icing and always coloured it , always after finishing a cake there was a bit left of various colours and when , even after wrapping it well , it started to drying out and cracking when rolled I used to throw it away ! Then one day i needed gravel for a Bob The Builder cake and tried to grate some fondant ! fresh fondant does not work but the dryer it is the better it is so now i keep any unused fondant any colour and use it for sand , gravel , grass or any combination of shade or colours to give different effects , its also good for covering the board , just moisten the board a little and sprinkle it around works great but you do need a ribbon around the edge of the board as it will spill off the edges .

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