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I need a favor. Last week I shared my piece and  information on The World of Sugar Flowers tribute for people with cancer and their families. This was very personal to all involved because we have all been affected in one way or another by cancer. Cakemasters is now taking nominations for the Cakemasters Magazine Awards. Each nomination equals a vote. Would appreciate your help in getting this collaboration recognized. This is the link to the nomination page:…/ You will have to simply fill in your name & email. Scroll down to the nomination box for collaborations. The name of the collaboration which is The World of Sugar Flowers tribute for people with cancer and their families
The facebook page link:
The reason why you think we should win: 
Thank you

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Thanks June.

No problem...


Thanks Katy

I want you to know that I am voting for The World of Sugar Flowers because, in my opinion, there was more beauty and talent displayed in this collaboration than any of the others and, like each of you, the theme touched me in a very personal way.  I would love to see you guys and this collab win the Cake Masters award.

Thank you Sandra.  I got to know some of the stories behind the tributes and I know I wasn't the only one that shed tears while working on the flowers.  It's hard to find a family that hasn't been touched by cancer.

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