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I was wondering if a 10" and 8" tier or 12" and 8" will serve 50 people. I have looked over several cake serving charts but they all give different servings. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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Depends on how tall your cakes are. I use wilton's party serving chart. My cakes ate usually between 3-4 inches tall, so because of the height and layers, the Wilton's 1.5x2x3 size is still a good slice of cake! According to that chart, an 8/10 round serves 48. An 8/12 round serves 60. If you are really concerned about sizes and having enough, Earlene's chart is more generous in the the amount each cake serves. Another tip...I use Indydebi's cuuting method - never have any issues with slicing the cake neatly and evenly that way. Hope that helps!

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