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Has anyone made a cake that looks like a womans bust? I heard of two heart cake together but I don't see how that would work. Any advice???

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I used the Wilton ball pan - it is two halves of a circle.  It worked out very well.


I've used two stainless steel bowls and a 1/4 sheet pan.


How do I add the waist? This cake is coming due sunday and i have no idea what to do.
I put my on a 1/4 sheet as well and carved in a waist.

This was mine:


No waist, I put two 6" ball pan halves on a 12" round.

I use two hearts.  One size for the torso and the next size smaller for the waist/hip area.  I've attached a small pic for you to see how to lay them.  You can also make them without hips as in this pic: (it's shows the nipples, so beware before opening)

Then make the bosoms anyway you like - just please do not use cupcakes - they never look good.  I use the mini ball pan, some use Pyrex bowls (as long as they are bowls and not custard cups making the same shape as a cupcake).


I've done a couple of bust cakes using a 10" square tin and cutting the shape of shoulders and waist then standing on its end , covering in fondant icing then putting a basque design on it . The extra shaping of the bust can be added using the cut off cake when you cut it out before covering .

You can use kebab skewers to give support while fondant firms up a bit , either cut short enough to hide or to take out when firm , but don't forget to tell them if you leave in , the best is to tap them into the drum board , if using one , and leave them in . Works great for alsorts of 3D designs.
Very nice, Martin!!

I love the 3D idea of a bust cake.

Thankyou Dawn !
The tricky bit is putting the ribbon in the back, but does make the difference.
Dawn Becker said:
Very nice, Martin!!
LOL - yes, that's the only hard part.
2 cakes baked inside same size pyrex bowls, round off the tops for breasts, add a hershey kiss to each one, lay side by side and frost a bikini top on it.

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