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I wonder if anyone can help me.  I am going to Canada in October from the UK to surprise my cousin for her birthday and want to make her a cake or cupcakes whilst we are there for her party.  Rather than take my toolbox full of cake decorating gear on the plane (would probably have to pay excess baggage!), can anyone recommend any stores in Calgary/Edmonton where I can buy colours, fondant etc?  There used to be a big craft superstore I remember about 12 years ago, but have no idea of the name.  Thank you!

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Michael's carries a moderate selection of items, though I do find that the selection is minimal (mostly Wilton and "Duff" brands) and on the more pricey side.
Thank you for your help.   Writing the shopping list now!!

To abswer your question Joanna.  There is a Michael's in Calgary. To be exact:

130 Country Village Rd. Northeast, Calgary.  # (403) 561-1600

Now if u don't mind me saying, even with Michael's weekly 40% coupon, you will have to spend a lot of $$ on supplies.  I shop there all the time here in Ontario. Why don't you pack the major supplies, bags, couplers, tips etc, in a soft make-up bag and put inside your luggage?  I am sure your cousin will have a rolling pin if you are using fondant (sugar paste).  But Michael's has only limited cake decorating supplies per location.

Can I suggest you outline/draw out your cake idea, then pack as much of the supplies as neccessary.  Of course you would have to buy your baking supplies here.

Hope this helps.


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