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Dear Friends and New Members: We are updated our website! . The address is still the same., but the features and look are totally new.  Stop by and check out the new products silicone molds, Food  colors ,gumpaste cutters and more , we still are updating products.

After 2  sabbatical years, we are back with more fresh ideas and new products.Let me know if you are looking for something particular I will help you.

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Thanks for sharing! Do you ship internationally?
Hi Faith , yes I ship international
Great to know! I'll save your website to my favourites, next time I need to place an order, I'll be checking to see what you have! Thanks so much!
You very welcome
I have another question - I saw some really interesting baby shoe cutter sets on your site...are these to make like the little baby sneaker shoes? If you don't mind, can you please explain the difference between some of the sets and recommend one for me? They look really cool! I also see some other cutters I may order this weekend as well :).
Hi! I saw some really cute cutters that I want to order - and I saw you had a variety of different baby "shoe" cutters...can you suggest which ones to get? I'm interested in one that would give the baby "sneaker" look, but not sure which one is best? Any insight you can give would be great! Thanks in advance for your assistance, as I'd like to order everything at one time - so I'll just wait to hear from you!
Hi: the sneaker cutter is out of order in this moment , but for baby you have diferent ones,I will update pictures this week . Regards

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