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I'm not sure if I should post this in this section, as my business is cake related, rather than being a bakery.  I don't want anyone to take this as spam, I really just want to get our name in front of the right people:)  We make cake boxes, are a small, family owned business, and our biggest objective is customer service.  We don't want to be like everyone else, with minimum orders and automated phone systems.  Having the best quality and price of course are our other 2 main goals.  

If anyone is interested, our website is and our facebook page has a lot of feedback from our current customers ( 

Again, we are a small business and can't really afford to purchase advertising like our larger competitors, so I apologize if anyone is upset that I posted this here.  Thanks everyone!

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That's great!  You can also check out our facebook page at, our customers post reviews frequently, and we also answer questions and post updates daily.  Thanks for checking us out Jeri!

jeri c said:
how did I miss this when you posted it???  I don't have time to shop tonight but will be checking you out in the next couple weeks!!! 

cool ill check out the site


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