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They look right to me, your pans are 4" deep yes?.....Andrea as a general rule most cake recipes that aren't professional formulas only make 2...filled halfway in your pans....they will rise maybe to 3/4 up the side of the pans. It sounds like you want to make a 4 or 5 inch high cake in which case you will need to stack both cakes together. Make sure that they are completely cold before you cut them...trim any hard areas evenly around the cakes and slice off the dome to make the cake top flat. Then use a sharp serrated knife and place your hand on the top of the cake and start cutting in towards the center to split the cake into 2 layers...turn the cake around as you cut keeping the knife straight until you reach the other side. Gently remove the top layer and fill with your filling. Place the top back on and do the same for the other cake. Place a layer of filling on top of one cake then place the other cake on top of that...put a thin layer of icing or frosting to just cover the cake. Refrigerate until firm. Then re-ice the cake, covering smoothly.
Since every oven is different, you need to test your cake for doneness. If a toothpick comes out clean, it's done. The rawness doesn't have to do with the recipe, just the baking time.
i love this. thanks sooo much!

Does anybody ever heard of the ice cream cake recipe,please I had the recipe and I lost it,ans I love this cake it's simple to make and is very good in texture and flavor,if somebody has it can you share it please,I don't remember where exactly I got it,Thanks

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