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Can anyone give me some assistance on what I should charge for this cake.  It was a 9" vanilla & chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  The hat was a 6" cake with 40 cupcakes.  I'm trying to get an idea of the pricing because I've been told that I'm selling myself short.

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Hi Carol,

This is exactly what I was saying about the time.  We all put in so much time in decorating which is very important, let alone the ingredients and the gas and electric.  I sell my cupcakes for $2.00 - $2.50 depending on the ingredients, and if they are specialty cake such as red velvet, they are $3.00.  The McCormick red coloring to put in the cake batter cost $4.89 in a major grocery store (average $5.00) and you need two bottles of that for the recipe.  That's $10.00 and you haven't got started yet.  I ususally will buy most of my coloring and flavorings at Super Walmart because they are cheaper.  The key is to make a profit for what you do.

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