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I have had two attempts to cake pop so far but have failed both. My candy melts is too thick. Can someone please share the secret of making the melt just perfect. My kids love cake pops and i want to make it to perfection. ☺. Please help on how i can make them soft and silky.

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I hate making cake pops, so can't really help you here, sorry. There are quite a number of tutorials on youtube about them, so might be something there to help you. I vaguely remember seeing somewhere adding a little oil to your mix.......

Shazeeyana, when dipping candy or cake pops chocolate should be thinned with paraffin, such as what is used to seal canning jars.  It is a clear, edible wax.  I do not remember the ratio, but it is something like one part parafinn to four parts chocolate.  Not an exact science, just add paraffin until a nice dipping consistency is achieved.

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