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Can anyone tell me what the best cake pop maker is?

I know there are a bunch of different cake pop makers and I want to make sure I get the a really good one.

Ps I know how to make them by hand, This will be a gift for a family member.

So If anyone can give me some information on the best cake pop maker please respond below.

Thank you

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Has anyone tried the Babycakes cake pop maker?

I've been making cake pops for about four or so months. I started out using the "BakePops" pan. We got this for my 12 yr old daughter for Christmas. It has worked pretty good for round pops. However, I found that if you use a cake mix with pudding in it that the batter doesn't rise enough to make the cake round. Sort of more UFO shaped, round on one side & flattish on the other.  They have a really good deal on their website, much better than if you buy it in a store The only other thing about this pan is that sometimes you can see a seam around the cakepop. I usually use the finest edge on my handheld ginger grater to smooth it out.  Other than that it has been great and easy!

I haven't tried the Babycakes cakepop maker, but also for Christmas last year my daughter got a doughnut maker that is similar and made by Sunbeam. I tried making doughnut pops (heehee). I used cake batter in the doughnut maker. The problem I have found with that, when I used cake batter and when I've used a doughnut batter, is that they don't cook evenly on both sides and they don't get very firm. I was nervous about them falling off of the sticks. The Babycakes machine maybe different, but that is the experience I have had with that kind of machine.

I think the best cakepop maker/shaper out right now is called the Easy Roller & is made by Heavenly Pops, but it is crazy expensive at $269!  Here is a link to the website: .  They have a very cool demonstration video. I am a stay-at-home mom who makes cake pops as gifts and for my kids so it would be unreasonable for me to spend that much money, but for someone who has their own business I think it would make a lot of sense. I believe it is even Bakerella approved!

I hope this helps!


A cake-pop maker, or cake-pop pan makes a type of mini-cake. You are baking balls of batter ..


The original cake-pop is mushed up cake mixed with frosting, rolled, and dipped in chocolate ... Effectively, two different items ... The  Easy Roller make this type ..

I sell  a cake baller that will produce a uniform ball instead of hand rolling that rarely are uniform.If you want to do cake ball the orginial way not baking in ball pans which are really cake that's in the shape of a ball. for info.

What Nancy says is true. The cake pop pan makes more like a mini cake. The true cake pop is cake crumbs & icing. Taste great, but messy, messy. I have the cake pop pan, & I like it. Good price, bakes well, cleans up in the dishwasher.

In my cake shop we used cake scraps or cakes that we would not sell due to over baking ect I believe this is why cake pops got started .I prefer just making the ball dipping in chocolate / decorate and putting in cup cake liners and box them up as gifts. You can also make cookies out of left over baked cake scraps.In bakeries there is no waste.

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