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Hi all,

I hope you are doing well.

I'm struggling with one question.  I have a bride who would like a 3 tier square cake sizes: 14, 10, 6.  The 14" and 10" will be fake tiers, and the 6" will be a real cake tier.

She also would like the cake pillars between each tier.  She wants the cake to stand out from the cake table.

My question is when it comes time to cutting the cake during the reception, will the bride and groom be able to reach the 6" cake easily?  As the cake will be placed on the cake table.  And what if while they are cutting it the pillars tip over????  I'm not so sure how sturdy the cake is on pillars as it would be my first cake.  I would hate for this to happen on their special day, how embarrassing!!

What are your thoughts or any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Thought I would bump this up see if anyone can help with thoughts or suggestions? :)

I wouldn't worry about it.  They only need to cut a bite size piece, no force needed.  If that tiny amount of cutting makes it collapse, it wasn't a good support system and any little bump would have knocked it over.  As far as reaching, it depends on the cake height, the pillar height, the couples height, etc.  That is their problem, seems to me.


Thanks for the comments.  I will keep all of this in mind :)

I think you should  talk the bride into have the bottom and top tier real cake and the center tier as the dummy. Here is why:

1. The pillars won't go down into the foam rounds unless you bore a hole first. Not too big...

2. The top tier is usually kept for the 1st anniversary.

3. A 6" is too small for a wedding, serving wise.

If you can't do that then maybe just bore the holes into the foam so that the pillars are set tight in the dummy tiers and the top tier should be stable.

There is also a Wilton set that has foam separatos and plates with spikes intended to go into the foam. It's called Tailored Tiers. You can look into that and see if the plates are the right size for your plans.


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