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Hi everyone! 

Who has advice/experience creating alphabet letters from cake?

I need to create 4 letters to spell out a girl's name, and the cake(s) should feed about 40 guests.

Do I simply bake off 9" cakes , split, fill, crumb coat and cut them as I would any other carved cake? I've carved cakes to look like feet, slot machines, hats etc. but never letters.

I thought the Cakes We Bake community would be THE place to go to for advice!

Any input is appreciated, thanks so much!


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Paige, here are instructions found on eHow.  I have never made a number or letter cake, but would cut my letter from paper as a template and carve the cake accordingly.


Depending on what your letter are Paige as to whether you bake round or square cakes.  Try and get as much as you can out of each cake, to avoid wastage.  For example an O would obviously be a round cake, whereas a T would be a square or 2 loaf pans.  You might even be able to combine a letter from the cut offs of 2 others.  Definitely fill and crumb coat before you start cutting.

Thanks for your help, Katy. I  was also in a bind trying to assess pricing for the client who made the inquiry. I drew out the letters on parchment, and figured pricing based on using 1/4 sheet pans for each letter (the 4 cakes need to serve 40 guests), to insure uniformity of size. We'll see if I actually have to create them now!

That sounds the best way to me Paige.  Fingers crossed you get the order.  It's a large cake for such a small number of guests really, so your name isn't going to be that big.

Thankfully, they only want 4 letters, but they want to FEED 40 guests. It's kind of cutting it close, because one of the letters is an "I" . I think that cutting each letter from a 1/4 sheet will provide  approx 40  2.5" or 3" portions. 

I also gave the option of using the usual 2 layers of cake (for a sheet cake) for each letter OR 3 layers (like my standard cakes) to make the portions a bit heftier. We'll see. Either way, it's a lot of cake/filling wasted due to the cutting, but I need to charge accordingly or you lose money!

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