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I have an order for a butter cake for a grooms cake Ive tried out a great recipe but the cake keeps sticking to the bottom of the pan any help or suggestions to help it not stick? Thanks Chrystal

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Sherry has posted a recipe for make your own Cake Release Chrystal and it is wonderful. I use it all the time with wonderful success. It is in the Forum, under Recipes and posted by Sherry under the title. Make you own Cake Release. If you can not find it I would be more then happy to type it out for you. It is so worth a try Chrystal.
Chrystal, line the bottom of your cake pans with parchment paper, then grease and flour them. You'll never have a sticking problem again.
thank you both I will try this for some reason this butter cake sticks but I had never had that problem till this cake
I use cake release... don't make my own I buy it at WalMart. Even with it my carrot cake does stick some and I need to either use parchment or a tiny dusting of flour with it. I just hate having to grease and flour the pans so I have a brush just for my cake release.... squirt a bit in the pan and make sure it is all coated.... I rarely have a cake stick. If it does it is because I have underbaked it.
I always make my own cake release with equal parts shortening, vegetable oil, and flour. I keep it in an air tight bowl and just brush it into my pans.

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