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Anyone have any really good cake ideas for men.

I was thinking a fishing cake or maybe a nascar cake.

Please post all your cake ideas for men in the comment section below.

If you have cake ideas for men pictures be sure to add them here.

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did a cake and cupcake set gone fishing hope this helps :)


How about the fish itself !! Here's a couple i did a while back ,












For him and for him !!!

I did this one for a friend's husband who was turning 39 and was a fan of The Sopranos.

Of course, it does depend on the hobby.  For the men in my family, I have done a replica of the speedo on a new motorcycle, a baseball cap with football team logo, painting of Betty Boop (that one was done in about an hour flat!).  Pics below (I'm not the greatest of cake makers, but you'll get the general idea!)


Oops, this one didn't load!



u made a very good cake for men it is so pretty,,can u share the recpie plzzzzzzzzz i wana make for my husband birth day,,,,,,,,and what is that thing which looks like gel, lwhich is looking like water it is very beauty ful ,can u share the recpie plz i will b thank ful



OC's Little Kitchen said:

did a cake and cupcake set gone fishing hope this helps :)

the cake not the cup cake

boat is very beautyful

how about something along similar lines to this one that I made recently which could easiley be adapted to nascar


cake ideas:

1. sports - any football [eg soccer, rugby, gridiron], any individual sport [eg golf, cycling, karate, chess, swimming, skydiving, surfing ..], any spectator sport [eg club colours, clothing, home location/arena ..] or [eg car racing, horse racing, the greyhounds, athletics ...]... keepfit [eg gym/working out, walking.marathoning ..] etc

2. hobbies - computers, game-machines, mobile phones, reading, stamp-collecting, cooking, sleeping , coins, languages, travel ...

3. love of his life - horse, car, boat, plane, wife, dog,

4. places he has been .. places he wants to go ...

5. something that epitomises him: moustache, smile, dancing ability, fashion sense ....

Car cakes, such as corvette, lamborgini

You can make  Bike or car cake  for men

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