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I have been battling for two weeks now with my cake dough smelling funny and tasting off once it was cooked, eventually figured out it was the oil I was using, great value cooking oil is what I used and needless to say a lot of cake went into the bin but at least I found the problem. Don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this??

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This has never happened to me  with oil. I think most likely your oil must have been rancid. That would explain your cake being "off".   I use my oil so often, doesn't have a chance to go bad.   :o)


Rancid is when the oil is old and stale and it has a bad taste and smell. 

I have never used the Great Value Oil... I usually purchase either Crisco or Wesson oil.  Shortening can take this on too if it is too old.

Wenny is from SA jeri, so guessing we don't have that brand here. But oil is oil and they can all turn bad.  :o(

Haha thanks guys

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