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Hi everyone,

I thought I would reach out to you all for ideas...I have a request for a 1 yr old girl and 31 year old birthday boy cake.  The colour scheme is: zebra (black and white) and teal.

The lady would like one cake, but incorporate both ages.  No other information given - so i'm going with a colour theme.

Any thoughts? My first idea was to do a half and half cake - so half would be the 1yr old and the other have 31.

Any help would be great - i'm drawing a blank!!

Thank you!!

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The half and half cakes sounds like a great solution to a difficult request, Mizztry.  I do not know how big the cake needs to be, but, if it is two tiers, you could devote the bottom tier to the gentleman and the top tier to the little girl.  The same principle would work for a three tier cake.

I think half and half or 2 tier would be great.  The half and half might be difficult to pull off with an obvious theme, whereas the 2 tier would be much easier.  Like this for example, with relevant added embellishments - (not my cake......)

this is a nifty idea that you could maybe adapt to your client too (again, not my cake)

lovely! Thank you so much!!!

be sure to let us see what you come up with Mizztry!

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