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Hi all,

I have seen this cake and a client is requesting it.

Its beautiful....

Just wondering if anyone can tell what size tiers this is and also how many servings it would be?

I think it is an 8-10-12...and then carved down appropriately...

And how would you do those beads??

Thank yo!u

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I think they are 8, 12 & 14 tiers. As for the "beads", there not beads, but silver dragees in different sizes. I've bought some at Bulk Barn, but they don't carry the bigger sizes. Just the small-medium size. This will be extremely time consuming. I have a pro decorator friend who owns her own shop. She made a cake very similar, minus the shaped tiers. You apply piping gel to the cake, and dragees must be applied individually, one by one, with a pair of tweezers. Good luck.

I'm with June on the silver balls.  I see no other way other than to put them on individually with tweezers (get yourself some proper decorators tweezers with a 'bent' end would make it easier).

As for size, obviously it's hard to tell from the picture, but the top tier will be 4" smaller than the middle and the bottom will be 2" larger than the middle.  So either 6", 10" 12", or as June says 8", 12", 14".

As for servings, this may help you -

never thought about the piping gel as glue...thanks for that tip...the shaping could be done by putting the next size cake circle on the bottom and flipping it upside down and cutting at an angle to the larger circle...would love to see the finished product.

Thank you all for the advice and trips..

Still waiting on the bride if she wants it :)  Keep you posted...

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