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Some of you may have already read in the news that Buddy Valastro is teaming up with Dawn Foods to distribute frozen fondant covered cakes to grocery stores.

Those of you who are already feeling the pain justifying your pricing with customers comparing you to Costco and Walmart, get ready!

Chances are, for shipping purposes, these frozen cakes will have to have pretty flat decorations and are likely not to be very sophisticated. I know one of the designs is a cake I've seen on his show which features stacked cut-outs of 5 petal flowers all over the cake.

But, I do think bakeries and home cake decorators are going to be facing competition with these less expensive cakes.

So, it's time to do some brainstorming. Please add your thoughts below.

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Ohhh my, I was going to post it, but if this happened to you, I better not.

It is already  very competative out there.  Since Buddy is riding on the popularity vote those cakes will sell.  One thing to remember is the cakes that I personally make are one of a kind as I design for the client, as well as most of the decorators out there.

Time will tell if the cakes retain the flavor that people will want since they will be frozen.

I started doing cakes for my family and then who I did cakes for expanded.  I have a full time job besides. Will this affect me, yes but I am not trying to make a living from baking and decorating.


POST IT!!! delete the jerks that don't get it!

Sandra I. Vazquez Lossiseroni said:

Ohhh my, I was going to post it, but if this happened to you, I better not.

Oh June that person with the neighbor is me! y 'freind' across the street tells me in one breath that I don't charge enough but then tells everyone else she can't afford my cakes. AAAGGGHHH. Fine and dandy when I made them for her and never got more! She takes advantage of all our neighbors so I guess I shouldn't feel so bad. Another friend and I have dubbed her behavior "pulling a Kris" awful of us but it makes us feel better! I think Buddy is "pulling a Kris" too, taking advantage of his public image to make a buck. What a shame. I'm not worrried about my orders, which makes me feel good. I am so fortunate to have people in my area that enjoy my work and share my frozen cake can ever beat the quality, attention and detail that we put in. Raspberries on you and your frozen factory made cakes Mr. Valastro!!!

 As for Buddy - if somebody wants to pay $27.99 (Yup! I looked it up!) for a two layer cake with bright green or yellow icing with a couple fondant decorations, let them. Personally I don't think they will do it twice. Who knows what they will be charging for a fondant covered cake - according to the article I found that still being discussed. People are still going to want a personalized cake in the theme and colors they want...I really don't think we have much to worry about.

 I have been to Carlos Bakery, The cakes are pretty plain, nothing like the ones you see on his hit series. I was kinda disappointed.  I have tasted some of his cake, nothing to write home about.  But his Cannolis are to die for especially the choc covered ones...I have never frozen  one of my cakes covered with fondant.  I do know they sweat alot wonder how they are going to deal with that issue. 

Wow!  That pretty much stinks considering that when I was trying to figure out how to price my cakes, it was an artical that Buddy wrote that helped me.  His advise was not to be the cheapest cake maker in the area and one of his reasons is because of what it would do to the other cake makers/ bakeries in area.   Kind of like what selling you home to the lowest bidder does to the value of the neighboring homes.    I hope he remembers his own advise......

no he doesn't remember that.  so many make a big deal out of his cakes but , iv seen many many on this site that do there work on a cake themselves and are much better at it ! as far as him trying to take over the biz of best cake decorator , NOT , AND YES HE 'S SELL THAT CHEAP frozen cakes like all others do , shoprite , walmart , and all the others ! mass produced cakes


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