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Hey girls! Check out this award. This is what we'll get on winning the cake decorating competition. There is a cake decorating competition in our neighbor hood next week and they are in search for the most unique decoration. I'm too excited and nervous about this competition. Please give me suggestion on what unique decoration can I do on a plain vanilla cake for the competition. I really want to win this and since, I'm intending to start my own baking business, I think, winning this would really do good for me.

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Best of luck for the competition. Cutting the cake is an important part of the wedding reception. The traditional vanilla cake is always the best choice because it is liked by people of ages. My colleague got married last year she hired professional services from this page for food, decoration etc. and everything was done very smoothly. The best she liked in the preparation was traditional cake idea, everybody in the party loved the food and the cake. You can view their online page and can look for cake decoration ideas.

You can use of Strawberries to make it more decorative, because it will also give a good look as in the below picture:

Here is a video of one of my favorite cake decorators. She has many videos and this is just one of them that can give you some ideas. Good luck on the competition.

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