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Hi Friends, 

I am struggling to get decent tools in South Africa. Now I have a friend who is coming to visit me from Methuen, Massachusetts. She can bring me some goodies but does not know where to get it. Can any of you recommend a supplier near her? It will be silicon molds and embossing mats.

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A thought Magdalena
Not sure there are any decorating stores where your friend lives. And you didn't say the window of time before she comes for her visit. Have you considered going online to some American websites, ordering your tools, but having them shipped to your friends address??
My son went to University in USA, and we did this all the time. When he drove back to Canada, he brought our online ordered goodies with him. I sure wish I had been more into decorating back then!! I would have ordered a car load of stuff & saved a fortune in price, shipping AND duty!! :0(

There's a cake decorating supply store in Hanover...

It's on the South Shore; it's probably about an hour or so away from your friend.

Thank you Linda. I will send her the link.

She is only coming in November. I thought of the online ordering, but it is also nice to go hunting.  She will have to decide what suits her the best. I'm just glad for the opportunity. 

 There are many shops in South Africa that sells cake decorating tools and equipment. What do you mean  'decent tools' ?

These are only a few of the shops in South Africa, there are many, many more!

Thank you Neryl. I am looking for the lace making impression mats. I live in Bloemfontein and only have I Party and the Baking Tin. The Baking Tin here is really not worth my while. There is hardly any of the tools I need. I Party is better but I need more than what they have. My Friend is coming to visit me and wanted to bring me some gifts and that is the main reason we wanted to find the places.Thank you for the links. I will definitely try them.  

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