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Ice Cream Milk, cream and a sweetening agent are the ingredients that make one of the world's favorite desserts.

Icing Comb A plastic or metal triangle with toothed or serrated edges;
used for texturing icings.

Icing Pearls To pipe icing "pearls" on your cake, fit a round-holed icing tube (a #3-5 works fine) onto a pastry bag. Then, simply coat the inside of the pastry bag with clear piping gel before loading
the pastry bag with icing. Fill one side of the bag with white icing, the other
side with some pink icing. When you squeeze and release, glistening
"pearls" of icing are formed.

Icing Runout A name used for the technique of "running" Royal Icing into a pattern or pre-traced design which has been prepared for "running out". It runs out because it's so thin.
Same as Flood work, Color-Flo.

Iridescent Powders These give cakes and decorations a Pearle scent finish.

Japonaise A baked meringue flavored with

Jelly A cooked mixture of fruit, sugar and sometimes pectin, jelly is
used as a spread able topping for breads and pastries and a filling for cookies
and cakes.

Kernel Paste A nut paste, similar to almond paste, made of apricot
kernels and sugar.

Lace Points Royal icing piped filigree that extend past cake.

Ladyfinger A small, dry, finger-shaped sponge cake or cookie.

Latticework A detail that crisscrosses with an open pattern. The lattice can be piped on the side of the cake or pressed into the cake.

Leveling Removing the "crown" of a cake to provide a flat surface for frosting or decorating.

Marble To partly mix two colors of cake batter or icing so that the
colors are in decorative swirls.

Margarine An unsaturated fat made with vegetable oils. Margarine was
originally developed as a butter substitute.

Marzipan A paste made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to mold edible flowers or fruit to decorate the cake. Marzipan can also be rolled in sheets, like fondant, and used as icing.

Meringue A thick, white foam made of whipped egg whites and sugar.

Meringue Chantilly Baked meringue filled with whipped cream.

Meringue Glaze Baked meringue filled with ice cream.

Miniatures Individually decorated wedding cakes serve each of your guests.

Modeling Chocolate A thick paste made of chocolate and glucose, which
can be molded by hand into decorative shapes.

Molasses A heavy brown syrup made from sugar cane.

Mousse A very light and airy filling similar to a dense whipped cream flavored with fruit or chocolate. Mousse is not recommended for cakes that will be displayed at room temperature for any length of time.

Napoleon A dessert made of layers of puff pastry filled with pastry

Nonpareil Decorative candies used for cakes and cookies. Also refers to
a chocolate candy covered in sugar beads.

Outline or Strings When the outlining method is used, the icing that flows out of the tip to follow contours of a shaped cake or to cover pattern design marks are called "strings" or outlines.

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