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Can you believe I hurt myself doing too many cakes??? I have been experiencing shoulder pain for a few months now - usually when you get your arms in weird positions smoothing buttercream or fondant - and finally went to the doctor today. Turns out that I have actually 'over-caked' myself into a damaged rotator cuff in my right shoulder! Physical therapy 3 times a week and no cakes (NONE!) for a month!! Have started contacting customers to tell them - I feel awful but it is what it is. Just a warning fellow cakers - be careful out there! Your kitchen can be a dangerous place for creative minds like ours!! ;-)

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Nope .... That is right... I want you " all my girls" to be healthy like a horse and with plenty of energy like the energizer

well  I think I need new energizers this morning , lol

Sandra I. Vazquez Lossiseroni said:

Nope .... That is right... I want you " all my girls" to be healthy like a horse and with plenty of energy like the energizer
I will be thinking & praying for you Joann. I learned good body mechanics & stretches as a psw. We HAD to have a workshop every year. Safe lifts, movements etc. they are etched in my brain!! Still use them in my retirement. Went for mnths of phisio for my torn rotator cuff. I still do the excercises for that 2. Take care & look at this as a learning opportunity. A sabbatical to absorb cake knowledge. :o)

Thanks! And just think of all the new techniques to try when I get back to it!!


Good luck Joann - hope all goes well for you. xx


I will be praying for you Joann. I know this won't be easy. I had many minths of phisio for a torn rotator cuff. I finally had to take 5 wks off work and do nothing. Very hard for me... but I had my daughter's wedding & I wanted to be healthy. Look at this as a sabbatical. Give you a chance to read & watch videos on caking, or whatever. Absorb some new knowledge. And with your knowledge of caking, maybe you could teach us a thing or 2. Make a few tutorials. I don't belive one door shuts without another one opening. :o)

You're so sweet June - thank you very much!

:o)  :o)  :o)

Are you having your rotator reconstructed?  I had to have mine done twice... first one done while I was coaching softball... then retore it 5 months later at work.  The doctor took pictures when he went in to fix it the second time... looked like a rat chewed it all up!  Was kind of gross looking at the pics!  '

They started me in Physical Therapy the day after I got out of surgery!  I have almost total use of it again.  Things over my head still bother me but it is a very long rehab for sure!  They said the reason they start PT immediately is to keep it from freezing up and to regain full range of motion.   Take care of yourself! 
Joann Gottermeyer said:

Thanks! Think of me on July 2nd.....I'll be in an immobilizing sling for 6 weeks after and then months of therapy. Somehow caking sounds like a LOT more fun!!


You do sound a lot like me!  I just love to stay busy... And have already had my right shoulder reconstructed twice!  I coached softball for 25 years and messed up my knees and shoulder both.  Have had both knees replaced also!!!  I am pretty much bionic at this point! :-)
Sandra I. Vazquez Lossiseroni said:

OMG, Jeri C...I thought I was reading my life on your posts. I work full time as a paralegal, then caking...and these past two weekends, I have been working on landscaping projects at my local church in the morning and then go home and continue on gardening and painting the outside of my home...I'm exhausted. So I thought I take a little break from the cakes only to be submerged on other

While doing all of these, I keep repeating to myself, be careful, you don't want those rotator cuffs surgeries...

Wishing all my great friends, HEALTH and ENERGY.

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