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I'm looking for interesting methods, themes, items, papers, etc to cover cake boards.  Does anyone want to share their ideas?

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me if i want cheap ones, i'll get a sticky wall paper from the dollar store :)

it look like fondant too...

florist foil. black does come off on my fingers but i've never seen in on the cake. white has been fine.

wilton's foil. clean, easy to use, plain (no embossed flower pattern). i really like this, but it's a shorter roll than the floral foil and only comes in silver and gold. 

if covering "drums" you can run a ribbon around the edge that corresponds with the colors in the cake. I've used sparkle ribbon for little girl cakes.

i have also done wrapping paper with a sheet of acetate over it.

if your doing a cake for a show, i will say that the judges like fondant boards best.

you can also use foamcore to make the drums too.

Eileen S said:

Susie - they are the thick (usually 1/2) disposable boards a lot of us use.  They are economical and can be dressed up.  You can make them yourself by hot gluing about 4-5 plain cake rounds together and then covering them with foil, or you can buy them.  I get the Wilton brand from Michael's all the time, or I order from Global Sugar Art.  You can see one being used in this photo:

I usually put a 5/8" ribbon around the perimeter.

IMHO, Using fondant on your cake board can be pretty, but it is very limiting, not too exciting to look at, expensive and time consuming. If your cake is on a cardboard cake circle when you place it on your decorative cake board, it doesn't touch the surface anyway, so I wouldn't be terribly concerned about a plastic tablecloth being foodsafe.  I can't seriously imagine that people cut the cake with enough force to cut through the cardboard circle and then chop up the media that is used to cover the cake board to the extent that they would ingest it. Not even the food safe Wilton foil is intended to be ingested! The plastic table cloths are made to put food on. . . .that's their purpose.  I think you're good as long as your cake is on a circle and not in direct contact with the surface.  If you use wrapping paper, cover it with clear contact paper or plastic wrap, which is a little thin but works okay, to make it greaseproof so it looks nice.

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