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Hi everyone,

My cake business (from home) has really taken off and it's knocked me sideways :) I'm loving it though.
I'm still learning each day and I've just had a custome ask for a three tier wedding cake for 21st June this year. Not an unusual request - but they have decided they want each tier butterfly shaped! I've googled to see if anyone has done this before and I can't find any. If there a good reason for this?? will you lose the effect once it's all stacked? I'm having difficulty with this one, as originally it was going to be round with some of my handpainted butterflies adorning it.
Can someone guide me, as I think this could be cake disaster if I go ahead and stack it.
Many thanks,
Waiting for your sound advice & experience on this one.
Tracy x

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Oh so ditto Katy - that man is bright :-)  Looking forward to seeing the finished cake, sounds lovely - and Tracy, sometimes one has to just be honest about what will and will not work and thick black buttercream certainly would not be too good - perhaps white with airbrushed black on the peaks or two tone?  I have recently discovered the joys of airbrushing and anything that gets in my way is likely to get a touch of colour :-) Have a happy week all - did I mention that I just loveeeeee this site?  The cake by Stephanie looks toooooo beautiful, and I just love the topper - I have seen them on the internet but never in the "flesh".  Bye all x

Yes they are made with edible inks and rice paper. We just printed them out, cut them out with the Zing and attatched them with toothpicks.
Tracy Deadman said:

Stephanie - did you make the butterflies on your cake? They are beautiful

Thanks everyone for all the nice remarks regarding the cake photo that I shared.

What's the "zing"?

Zing is another machine like the cricut. Cuts out edible images.

By the by Tracy. Glad r client changed his mind & chose heart shaped. Looking forward to seeing the finished cake with your signature butterflies.

Just wanted to show you the finished cake. Thanks so much for everyones input with this one. The happy couple were extremely pleased and all in all a good one for my portfolio.

Hope you like it (I've put a few more views in my gallery too) xxx

Oh wowowow - that is just beautiful! I love your butterflies - I am very sure the couple must've been overjoyed with this beautiful cake.  Well done Tracy :-)

Thank you so much Mandy xxx

I sometimes wonder if the recipients realise how much love is put in to their cakes.  I know that each of my creations is a work of heart and I will spend hours and hours to make it perfect for whomever - and the best of all is that it is edible to boot! 

Definitely the right decision on this one Tracy.  It looks wonderful

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