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I am doing a butterfly cake similar to this one.The cake will only be a 8",10" and a 12" round, plus 100 cupcakes.  Does anyone know where I can find these butterflies in various colors and sizes?

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Replies to This Discussion has all kinds of wafer paper butterflies that you can purchase.  They are in all colors and different sizes, depending on what you want.  They can be fragile.

this look to me as if they are gelatim butterflies.



I've never had good luck ordring from sugarcraft

I've ordered from them several times and have never had a problem, and they have always been promt in sending out my orders.

The order I placed was never shipped and when I called they were very nasty.  I know others that have had bad experiences but I'm glad you've had good luck.

Thank you ladies I will look into to both options.

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